Sunday, 23 October 2016

ROBLOX: Games - 1

Work At A Pizza Place
WAAPP has released a new game that you can test the newer updates on! - sounds exciting

I made a new place! - Check it out

Friday, 21 October 2016

ROBLOX: Games - 1

Hey , Guys (Again!)
As the topic is Roblox I have built some stuff to show you!
Here are some:

1. Theater De France - nosi2006two

 2. Pizza Shack - nosi2006

3. HVE Hotel And Inn - Creator_T

My roblox account names are -




I also use Creator_T as my main account now - but all of them are still active

Suggest Another Roblox Game Below! - And we will review it


Hi, Welcome to Fuse Gaming!
This is a new Gaming Blog - I should update it at least 2st a week
If you would like to send art in email and your art will be viewed on the blog! - This months Topic Is ROBLOX, By the way, you can also suggest topics below!
So this month We are mostly going to be talking about Roblox and Roblox games (Games In ROBLOX) - And ROBLOX Studio
Thanks for listening